Coarse Craft Yarn

It is our privilege to release some of our coarse wool that can be used for a multitude of craft activities which are not suited to the soft or lesser micron wool.

Over the years we have periodically released this type of yarn for people with an interest in loom weaving, macramé, latch rugs, large crochet blankets and men’s work jersey’s that need to be robust to last in a rugged lifestyle or be fit for purpose.

The woollen yarn is between 28- 32 micron in strength or can be described as a double knit or worsted in craft circles.

We have a wide range of colours available, sold in bag weights of either:

  • 5-6 kilos of a single colour tone in one bag.
  • 10-12 kilos in a mixed lot in one bag - a range and assortment of different colours.
  • 10-12 kilos - a range and assortment of one colour in one bag such as light green, dark green, olive green and sea green.
  • 5-6 Kilos of white/cream mix are sold at different price per kilo.


This wool can be softened and we recommend if you are making large peggy squares or crochet blanket. Use a wool softener such as Lux flakes and white vinegar combination and soak for 30 minutes, allow to dry and repeat twice. 

Our wool warehouse is not open to the public and purchases can only be made online.

If you have any questions, please take the time to email us.

Take the time to view the vast array of colours we have available online for sale.